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Updated Tuesday March 1, 2016 by San Mateo National Little League.

Welcome to the 2016 San Mateo National Little League season!  If you have any issues with the website please click on the "Contact Us" tab on the left hand side and we will get back to you shortly.


First, if you have never registered before, you will need to create a new login and password for the new website.  You will only need one login in order to register the whole family.


We have a new registration that should be intuitive and easy  to use!  Simply register your first child and follow the prompts.  Questions with a * are required fields that you will need to fill in.  At the end of the first registration you will have the opportunity to add another child.

*Note:  Registration is not complete until all documents have been uploaded and verified.  See your "Profile Page" for any outstanding fees or documents that the league still needs from you.


Our league is run solely through the time and efforts of our volunteers.  Without moms and dads and other family members participating on a variety of levels, the league wouldn't be able to function and our kids wouldn't have the opportunity to play this great sport.  With the new website we've made it easier to volunteer, allowing the parent to register in a role.  Whether you want to be a coach, auxiliary volunteer, or any variety of volunteer positions, simply register like you did your child and click on the appropriate boxes.  You can even do this after you've completed your child's registration.


San Mateo National is doing its best efforts to go paperless, both for ease of use and the environment.  In the past we have collected these documents on paper, but now you can go to "Your Profile".  The system will prompt you asking for the required documents (ie. birth certificate, proof of residence).  Simply scan and upload the documents right to your profile and you're done!

Questions regarding our website?  Contact us.